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It seems that anything can be obtained on the internet these days and this includes Wills but there is no substitute for legal advice obtained from a solicitor. Online providers are not regulated by the Law Society of Scotland or other professional body meaning that clients will not have the same protection which comes from instructing a solicitor to prepare a Will.

 When instructing a solicitor to prepare a Will the client will receive Estate planning advice if required which may reduce or eliminate any inheritance tax liability which is a service not available online. 

The fee charged by an online provider may be more attractive than that charged by a solicitor but there may be ongoing annual fees charged by an internet provider in case updates are to be made to the Will.  If this annual fee is cancelled you will then have to pay the full fee again if you wish to make changes.  A solicitor cannot cover all life’s possible eventualities but they will try to protect the client as far as possible and if a Will requires amendment a Codicil could suffice and can be more cost effective.

 Many of the online services only cover England & Wales. If a client has such a Will prepared but is actually domiciled in Scotland it could cost the estate more in legal fees to rectify the situation. 

If you are thinking about what it means to make a will or you’d like to have a discussion about how to go about having a will prepared, why not give Elaine a call and arrange an appointment? A person to person chat is better than an on-line one!

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Xmas Closure

J & G Wilson will close on Friday 21st December for our annual Xmas leave returning on Thursday 3rd January 2019 we would like to wish all a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year


Online shopping


Nowadays we find ourselves immersed in the trend of online shopping for most of our everyday items such as clothing, footwear, home furnishings, groceries and even takeaway food  to name a few.

No one can deny that it is very relaxing to armchair shop and not to have to go out in the cold and travel to busy shopping centres and deal with ques and parking problems.

The online shopping trend has also become very popular with the sale of houses too with the advent of so many online property portals. However, the purchase of your house is likely to be the most expensive one you are ever likely to make, therefore, it is essential that buyers do not get caught up in the online only version of this.

It is an excellent tool to look through all the listings of houses in your price range and area and pick out the ones that you think are of interest to you but there is a real risk that buyers discount properties that may be perfect for them simply because they did not like the photographs or the house colour scheme .

It is important to go into houses and get a feel for them to sense the ambience and to see the size of the rooms and the way the sun and daylight enters the house, none of which you will get a sense of by browsing online. Most agents will tell you if I had a pound for every person that says “oh the rooms look much bigger than in the pictures” we would all be rich.

So the message is go out view as many as you can in person, get a feel for the properties and you may surprise yourselves in what you buy in the end.



Margaret Peebles

Property Manager at J & G Wilson Lawyers & Estate Agents


We are seeing more of a return to the closing date system here in Scotland than we have over the last few years, hated by many buyers but often beneficial to a seller. The reason for this is really down to a more confident and competitive property market with more buyers out there in the market place but less properties to choose from. This situation naturally causes an imbalance and often results in buyers trying desperately to secure a sale quickly against steep competition.

There is no obligation for the seller to set a closing date when there are more than one interested party but it is still widely considered to be the fairest way in order to give all interested parties an opportunity to give their best offer at a closing date.

Offers should always be submitted in writing at the agreed date and time as offers arriving after this time will be disregarded.

The sellers will then sit down with their agent and choose the best offer for them, it may not always be the highest offer that wins the day flexibility on dates of entry are very important and less clauses on offers such as subject to a sale or finance can rule some offers out.


For more information on this subject contact our Property Manager Margaret Peebles.