We are seeing more of a return to the closing date system here in Scotland than we have over the last few years, hated by many buyers but often beneficial to a seller. The reason for this is really down to a more confident and competitive property market with more buyers out there in the market place but less properties to choose from. This situation naturally causes an imbalance and often results in buyers trying desperately to secure a sale quickly against steep competition.

There is no obligation for the seller to set a closing date when there are more than one interested party but it is still widely considered to be the fairest way in order to give all interested parties an opportunity to give their best offer at a closing date.

Offers should always be submitted in writing at the agreed date and time as offers arriving after this time will be disregarded.

The sellers will then sit down with their agent and choose the best offer for them, it may not always be the highest offer that wins the day flexibility on dates of entry are very important and less clauses on offers such as subject to a sale or finance can rule some offers out.


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The thought of owning your own property for the first time is exciting but it can also be daunting for many first time buyers often who do not always see the many pitfalls that they can fall into.

The first thing any first time buyer really needs to do is to work out their finances with a financial adviser who will help to calculate the amount they can borrow and how much of a deposit will be required. Thereafter, your budget can then be set and the fun bit begins you can then go and look at property.

It is fair to point out and this does not just apply to only first time buyers but to all viewers not to fall into the trap of only online shopping, many people also apply this convenient way of shopping to viewing houses and fail to go out and actually step inside houses. This can be a big mistake as you will only get a proper feel for the ambience of houses by viewing in person and you may be dismissing some very good houses.

In Scotland all property on the market must have a home report which will document to the buyers any faults or defects with the property and it assists buyers to make an informed decision when they buy. Ensure you look at this report and if necessary, send in your own specialist to give you an opinion and cost on any work that may be required.

Once you think you have found the right property contact your Solicitor to make an offer and contact your financial adviser also so as they can then process your mortgage product to ensure the funds are in place for the date of entry.

You can then organise for furniture delivery for the agreed date of entry although, don’t expect to receive the keys first thing on this date as there can be hold ups not always within your own Solicitors control. If possible, arrange to move in to the house a day or so later to make it a little less stressful.

Margaret Peebles is an experienced Property Manager with more than 20 years of experience in the property market. For more information or advice or selling your property contact Margaret on 01577 862302 or email m.peebles@jgwilson.co.uk

We are a nation of pet lovers and do allow our pets a free run in our houses and gardens which is great but when we are selling our houses we must remember that not all of us are pet lovers. Therefore, we do need to minimise the presence of pets in the property and garden. If your family pet has had a chew on your carpet or damaged the paintwork this is a good starting point, start here. Repair or replace carpeting and touch up the paintwork, it is also best to have your carpets cleaned to remove stains or pet odours, remember, you may not smell lingering pet odours as you are used to the smell but non pet owners will.

Ensure your garden is cleaned also and that no one steps in anything unexpected this would be very off putting to a buyer.

Before viewings clean thoroughly, hoover, wash floors to eradicate pet hairs, odours and paw prints, remove litter trays, food and water dishes. If at all possible, during viewings, have the pet taken out for a walk or removed to the garden. Dogs should never be allowed to bark at or jump up on viewers, some people are scared of pets and this may make the viewing uncomfortable for them. At all times, viewers full focus should be on the house and not trying to escape a sniffing pet.

Remember this disruption to your normal pet friendly life is only for a short time during the house sale period and if it will help to sell your property then it is worth the effort.


Margaret Peebles is an experienced Property Manager with more than 20 years of experience in the property market. For more information or advice or selling your property contact Margaret on 01577 862302 or email m.peebles@jgwilson.co.uk



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