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Selling your property

Margaret Peebles is an experienced Property Manager from J & G Wilson Law & Property and offers easy-to-follow advice on how to boost your chances of a successful offer. Selling a property can be for some people, very stressful but it can be easier if you listen to the advice of an experienced agent and deal with what are usually minor points in preparing your house for the market.

Kerb appeal

It is crucial the outside of your property is in good order and presented to the market in it’s finest light as this is the first impression buyers will see and if the outdoor space looks neglected and unloved many buyers will drive on. Try looking at the outside as a buyer will view it and ask your self would I like this? Should I remove the dead flowers and pull up the weeds? Will the drive benefit from a power wash? If you are thinking this then so will buyers, therefore, you will see it is as essential to keep all outdoor areas pristine in order to encourage viewers to then come inside.

Keep tidy

Extend the same thought process to the inside as you have to the outside, it is said that many buyers make up their minds on the first 30 seconds when entering a house so, start from the hall and walk your way through into each room trying to look through the eyes of the buyers. No-one wants to view other people’s coats cluttering up the hall or undies draped around radiators airing off. Rooms need to be clutter free as they not only look more attractive but bigger and brighter too. The kitchen and bathrooms in particular are very important rooms be sure to have these areas spotless, no unwashed dishes stacked up in the sink and don’t forget to clean the oven as many buyers like to look in there to see how big the oven is. If you live in a flat, you have to consider the communal areas too these should be kept clean and tidy, too.

Get people through your door

It is essential for your property to be viewed before it can be sold, therefore, it is important to allow for sale boards to be erected in the most prominent place and to always try to accommodate viewers, no matter how inconvenient, if not, they may view one up the street and make an offer on that. If you are unavailable, your estate agent should be able to carry out the viewings for you.

 Experience counts

When selling your house it is important to use an experienced local agent who can offer advice on preparation for selling. Look out for Margaret’s expert advice blog next month on how to show viewers around my house. Margaret can be contacted for free valuations and property advice.

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