Online shopping

Nowadays we find ourselves immersed in the trend of online shopping for most of our everyday items such as clothing, footwear, home furnishings, groceries and even takeaway food to name a few.

No one can deny that it is very relaxing to armchair shop and not to have to go out in the cold and travel to busy shopping centres and deal with queues and parking problems.

The online shopping trend has also become very popular with the sale of houses too with the advent of so many online property portals. However, the purchase of your house is likely to be the most expensive one you are ever likely to make, therefore, it is essential that buyers do not get caught up in the online only version of this.

It is an excellent tool to look through all the listings of houses in your price range and area and pick out the ones that you think are of interest to you but there is a real risk that buyers discount properties that may be perfect for them simply because they did not like the photographs or the house colour scheme .

It is important to go into houses and get a feel for them to sense the ambience and to see the size of the rooms and the way the sun and daylight enters the house, none of which you will get a sense of by browsing online. Most agents will tell you if I had a pound for every person that says “oh the rooms look much bigger than in the pictures” we would all be rich.

So the message is go out view as many as you can in person, get a feel for the properties and you may surprise yourselves in what you buy in the end.

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